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The Sharpest Minds Series Tournament Match #1

Surfside Raceplace / Santa Anita Racetrack / Other


Name: ____________________________________________________________

Street Address: (no PO Box)______________________________________________
Zip Code________________

Mobile: (_____)_________________
E-mail: ____________________________

Social Security Number: ____________________
Date of Birth _______________

Do you hold a racing license in any jurisdiction? _______
If yes, where? ___________

I plan to participate in the SMS Tournament #1 from (please choose one location): 

Surfside Raceplace          /          Santa Anita Racetrack        /        Other

Please bring a check to one of the above locations and make it payable to Santa Anita racetrack, Surfside Raceplace, or a wagering facility that hosts SMS Tournaments.

Please read the 2015 Official Rules prior to sending all entries. All entries must be received no later than June 7th at 10am PST. If you have any questions please contact Christian Hellmers at